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    Concrete Contractors Springfield

    In the fast growing city of Springfield it can be hard to find a trusted and reputable concreting company with a long standing record of quality work and happy customers. 

    Luckily you’re landed in the right place. Whether you’re looking to construct a new concrete driveway, concrete patio, concrete footpaths or even a simple shed slab, we’re the best local concreters for all your residential concreting needs. 

    We’re licensed, insured, and take the utmost pride in not only our meticulous concreting work but also in ensuring our customers have the best possible customer experience. From initial enquiry through to grand reveal and after service support. 

    We understand that home upgrades like concreting can be extremely disruptive to your day to day life. Our mission is to make the entire process as seamless and stress free as humanly possible.  

    So if you’re looking for

    • Prompt friendly communication
    • Quality Workmanship
    • Affordable Upfront Quotes 

    Then be sure to give Tom a call for a no pressure obligation free onsite measure and quote. Call today to get your transformation started!

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    (07) 3214 3660

    Our Concreting Services in Springfield Lakes 

    concrete driveways Springfield Lakes

    Concrete Driveway Installations

    Whether you want to make a statement with your new concrete driveway or just want a subtle no frills functional concrete driveway in Springfield. We have the expertise and know how to get the job done right with minimal fuss.

    concrete patios Springfield Lakes

    Concrete Patios

    Create an outdoor entertainment area that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Skilled at installing various decorative concrete styles like exposed aggregate concrete and stencilled concrete. We can create just about any finish you can think of.

    concrete pathways Springfield Lakes

    Concrete Footpaths

    Complete the look of your outdoor upgrades with functional and stylish concrete footpaths. Whether you want an entire concrete apron around your new home or just want to install a couple metres of concrete pathways, we’re the local concreting professionals for you.

    concrete shed slabs Springfield Lakes

    Concrete Shed Slabs

    Concrete slabs are integral to a strong and durable shed. We make our shed slabs according to the shed manufacturers specifications so you can rest assured your shed will be made to last even the most intense SEQ weather conditions.

    stencilled concrete Springfield Lakes

    Concrete Resurfacing & Stencilled Concrete

    Got some old dull concrete you want to liven up? You don’t need to rip it out and replace it, you can simply resurface it at a fraction of the cost of a new installation. We can even add a decorative stencil pattern mimicking pavers, stone, wood or any design you can think of. Easily add style and sophistication to dull concrete spaces with our expert concrete resurfacing and stencilled concrete services.

    exposed aggregate concrete Springfield

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    Create a natural look with the timeless elegance of exposed aggregate concrete. With the added bonus of providing extra traction thanks to its textured surface, it’s the perfect option for driveways and pool surrounds.

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    driveway concreting Ipswich

    Invest in concrete structures that are built to last. 

    If you’re going to go to the time, effort and expense to get a concrete driveway constructed make sure to choose a licensed concreter who will do the installation according to the correct specifications for the job. 

    There are many “handymen” concreters out there! Don’t make the mistake of going with the cheapest quote to save a few bucks, because in the long term it may end up being the most expensive!

    We’re fully licensed, insured and are meticulous with all aspects of our concreting, no matter how big or small the job. When you choose us you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time around.


    Your Local Springfield Lakes Concreting Partner

    We understand the unique challenges Springfield homeowners face when it comes to upgrading the landscaping on their properties. All the nuances of choosing the right designs, selecting the right materials, and most importantly finding reliable contractors to do the job right and complete it on time and on budget. That’s where we step in.

    For years, we’ve been transforming outdoor spaces for homeowners in Springfield Lakes through our expert concreting services. Our work goes beyond mere functionality; we craft aesthetically pleasing concrete structures that enhance the beauty and pride of your home. We see ourselves not just as concreters, but as partners in enriching your lifestyle by transforming your outdoor areas into more delightful and welcoming spaces.

    What sets us apart from other concreters isn’t just our expertise in crafting beautiful concrete surfaces; it’s our dedication to making the entire process seamless and stress-free for you. It starts with prompt and friendly communication keeping you in the loop at each stage of the project from initial quote through to grand reveal. We believe in honesty and transparency, and that’s reflected in our upfront clear quoting process. We outlay all inclusions and exclusions and detail all the associated costs ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re in for from the get go. 

    Let us guide you through the journey of transforming your Springfield property. Together, we’ll create a space that not only looks fantastic but also adds value and functionality to your home for years to come.

    concrete contractors Ipswich

    Call Tom For a Free Quote

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    Benefits of Concrete Surfaces

    Increased Property Value

    Well built and aesthetically pleasing concrete surfaces like concrete driveways increase the curb appeal of your home, presenting a clean, polished look that can significantly boost the overall property value. This investment not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also contributes to its market value, making it a wise financial decision for the future.

    Durability and Longevity

    Opting for concrete surfaces like concrete driveways and concrete patios means choosing a solution that will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Concrete’s robustness against daily wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, and heavy vehicle traffic ensures that your investment is long lasting, offering peace of mind and saving on future repair or replacement costs.


    Low Maintenance

    The ease of upkeep with concrete is a major plus for busy homeowners. Unlike other materials, like a timber deck, that might require frequent maintenance, concrete surfaces need only occasional cleaning and sealing, freeing up your time and reducing long-term maintenance expenses.


    When it comes to concrete there’s so many colours and design options to choose from. From regular functional concrete to elaborate designs of stencilled concrete and the alluring appeal of the natural exposed aggregate look. There’s surely a design which will perfectly compliment your home in Springfield.

    4 Easy Steps to a New Outdoor Space


    Call or submit a quote form to schedule a free quote.

    Complimentary Quote

    We will conduct an onsite visit to inspect your property and discuss your needs and provide some suggestions to help you settle on the best concrete solution for your situation.


    If you’re happy with the quote we will communicate with you to schedule a suitable date to commence the work. Standard concreting jobs are completed within 2-3 days.



    Enjoy the beauty, durability, and low maintenance that a new concrete surface brings.

    Call Tom For a Free Quote

    (07) 3214 3660

    Concrete FAQs

    I don’t want boring grey concrete. Can I customise the look of my concrete surfaces?

    Yes, concrete offers a wide range of customisation options. Techniques such as stamping, staining, and colouring can be used to create unique textures, patterns, and hues that mimic other materials like brick, stone, or wood, or to match the aesthetic of your home. Give us a call to discuss your vision and we’ll see if we can make it into concrete reality.

    Is a concrete patio cheaper than a timber deck?

    Yes, generally, a concrete patio is more cost-effective than a timber deck. The initial installation costs for concrete tend to be lower because materials and labour for concrete are often less expensive than those for timber decking, which requires more labour hours and pricier materials.

    Is concrete cheaper than pavers?

    Concrete is typically cheaper than pavers when considering initial installation costs. Pavers require more labour for laying each piece individually and often come at a higher material cost. However, concrete offers a seamless, durable surface that can be more economical over time, especially when factoring in long-term maintenance and lifespan.

    How much does a concreting cost in Springfield Lakes?

    The cost of a residential concreting project depends on several factors, including the size of the area, the type of concrete finish (e.g., stencilled, coloured, plain), and the complexity of the job. Prices can vary widely, so it’s best to get a free onsite quote from which covers all aspects of the project, from preparation and materials to labour and finishing.


    How long does a concrete driveway or patio take to install?

    The installation time for a concrete driveway or patio can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Typically, the process takes a couple of days. This includes preparation of the site, pouring of the concrete, and the curing process. Curing is critical to achieving the full strength of the concrete and usually takes about a mont, although the surface can be walked on after about 2 days and driven on after about a week under optimal conditions.

    concrete driveway Ipswich

    From Our Customers

    Really happy with my newly concreted pathways around the house, makes my property more functional, keeps things tidy and just looks much neater. Highly reccommend booking in your quote and job with this company.

    - Shane Osborne

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