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    Concrete Patios Construction Ipswich

    Concrete is an excellent material to use to construct a patio. Cheaper than decking and can be just as elegant and inviting when you opt for a coloured concrete patio or exposed aggregate concrete patio. 

    We create all kinds of concrete patios in Ipswich and Brisbane. From simple budget friendly plain concrete patios built for durability and functionality to more elegant exposed aggregate patios which are particularly popular for their natural pebble like appearance. 

    We’ve a large range of concrete colours, styles, and finishes to choose from so there’s bound to be something that will strike your fancy and compliment your outdoor entertainment area. 

    We’re fully licensed and insured concreter that provides

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    Then be sure to call Tom on (07) 3214 3660 to schedule a free on site consultation and quote. 

    Concrete patio construction Ipswich

    Invest in concreted structures that are built to last. 

    If you’re going to go the the time, effort and expense to get a concrete patio constructed make sure to choose a licensed concreter who will do the installation according to the correct specifications for the job. 

    There are many “handymen” concreters out there! Don’t make the mistake of going with the cheapest quote to save a few bucks, because in the long term it may end up being the most expensive!

    We’re fully licensed, insured and are meticulous with all aspects of our concreting, no matter how big or small the job. 


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    Our Concrete Patio Construction Services in Ipswich

    We endeavour to make our services as accessible as we can to our Ipswich community, meaning that you get high quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

    Standard concrete patio finish

    For those who are looking for simple, straightforward, and economical patio design, the standard concrete patio finish is the best choice. The standard concrete patio finish is a versatile finish that offers a smooth surface, the perfect base to host all of your gatherings. 

    exposed aggregate Concrete Ipswich

    Exposed aggregate

    An exposed aggregate concrete patio can be a beautiful addition to your home. These patios can be designed to fit any style or preference. Aggregate comes in different sizes and colours. You can even mix in materials like sea shells or bead glass to create a more unique look. They are durable and has the added benefit of texture, meaning less slipping. This type of surface will also last a long time as long as the concrete and can seamlessly blend in or compliment the rest of your home. 

    coloured concrete patio Ipswich


    If you’ve been looking for a unique and affordable way to enhance your home, you may want to consider a coloured concrete patio. Coloured concrete can be used to create a number of designs, from rustic to contemporary. You can opt for a mix and match of  different colours for a custom look. Using coloured concrete to enhance your patio can be a fun and exciting way to add a bit of flair to your home. The colour is embedded in the mix, meaning that the colour will last a lot longer than if the surface was painted. 

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     Concreters You Can Trust

    Whether you need a new concrete driveway, patio, sidewalks, or a concrete slab for a shed, We’re the go to Ipswich concreting company you can trust is here to help. We have years of experience in creating durable concrete surfaces that last a lifetime. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

    Patios of all shapes and sizes

    Concrete patios are a great addition to any backyard. They aesthetic appeal to the home and provide a useful outdoor space. Connected with concrete footpaths it makes outdoor living enjoyable and easy. Our team installs patios that our clients love,  one where they can not only enjoy, but also be assured that the material is highly durable and safe. No property is too big or too small for our installations, we can install your concrete patio whichever size or shape that you want it. Contact us for an obligation-free quote today.  

    4 Easy Steps to a New Concrete Patio


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    Nothing beats the peace of mind that a new sturdy and beautiful concrete patio brings!

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    From Our Customers

    Really happy with my newly concreted pathways around the house, makes my property more functional, keeps things tidy and just looks much neater. Highly reccommend booking in your quote and job with this company.

    - Shane Osborne

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