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    Concrete Pathway Contractors Ipswich

    Whether you need just a short no frills concrete footpath out to the clothes line, or a beautiful eye-catching exposed aggregate concrete pathway around the home. We’re the local Ipswich concrete pathway contractors for you. We offer a range of pathway designs and finishes to suit your home.

    We make sure to adequately prepare foundations and install proper drainage to prevent your concrete pathway from lifting and cracking as is so common in Ipswich homes with black soil. This intricate knowledge of the local conditions makes us the go to concrete pathway contractors Ipswich locals trust for quality concrete footpaths that last.

    Not only do we know how to successfully navigate reactive soil types but we make the whole concreting project as smooth as seamless as can be. What set’s us apart from the crowd is our:

    • Prompt & friendly communication
    • Quality Workmanship
    • Affordable upfront quotes

    That’s why we should be your first call when it comes to expert concrete pathway construction in Ipswich. We offer a range of residential concreting services including concrete driveways, concrete shed slabs, concrete patio installations and more. 

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    Our Concreting Services in Ipswich

    coloured concrete pathway

    Plain concrete pathways

    For those who are on a budget yet want the amazing durability and easy maintenance of concrete. No more muddy tracks. Restore cleanliness and order to your backyard.

    concrete pathway Ipswich

    Coloured concrete pathways

    Want something more than dull boring grey concrete? Liven up your backyard concrete pathways with coloured concrete. Available in a huge range of colours to perfectly complement your home’s colour scheme.

    exposed aggregate concrete Springfield

    Exposed aggregate concrete pathways

    Nothing beats the timeless natural elegance of an exposed aggregate pathway. Plus the pebble texture provides extra traction, keeping your family safe from slips and trips and falls. Perfect for steep or frequently wet walkways. Plus it looks cohesive when paired with an exposed aggregate driveways too.

    decorative concrete walkway

    Stencilled concrete pathways

    A beautiful pathways that’s uniquely yours. Create patterns that mimic other surfaces like brick, stone, or timber. Or create unique eye-catching patterns and designs. Spray over new concrete or existing concrete walkways.

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    driveway concreting Ipswich

    Don’t settle for pathways that crumble under pressure.

    Avoid the trap of short-lived solutions. Our commitment to exceptional workmanship means your concrete pathway not only looks great but endures over time. With us, quality isn’t an option—it’s a guarantee, ensuring your investment pays off for years to come.


    From First Call to Final Pour: Excellence in Concrete and Communication

    We understand the frustration customers face when dealing with unresponsive concreters. That’s why we make it our top priority to provide prompt, friendly communication, an aspect often overlooked in the concreting industry.

    That means that we answer our phones, we turn up on time to quote and send the quote through in a timely manner. We keep you informed in the lead up and during the concreting project, all the way through to completion and after service support. No more chasing down quotes, leaving numerous voicemails and texts. Just simple straightforward professional communication and service. The way it ought to be.

    We take in the quality of our workmanship because we see our job as more than building concrete surfaces, it’s about creating pathways to enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. Whether that means a simple function garden footpath or entire decorative concrete apron around your house. We’re dedicated to enhancing the liveability of your home through creating concrete footpaths that last.

    The pathway to the outdoor lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of is closer than you think. Simply give us a call today and schedule a free onsite measure and quote.

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    Effortless Elegance: 6 Enduring Benefits of Concrete

    Minimal Maintenance

    Concrete looks great all year round with minimal ongoing maintenance which means you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

    Strong and Durable

    When installed properly concrete footpaths can last over 2 decades or more.

    Easy to customise

    Concrete can be cast into any shape allowing for a vast array of designs. Furthermore, with the different options for finishes the choices are nearly endless.


    Compared to alternatives like pavers or a timber boardwalk, concrete pathways offer excellent value for money. Both in terms of initial installation costs but also in terms of ongoing maintenance costs.

    Improved Safety

    Create a safe environment for your family by installing slip free concrete footpaths and prevent all too common household accidents like slips, trips and falls.

    Easy Outdoor Lifestyle

    Concrete pathways make it easier to get outside and enjoy the peace and serenity of being outdoors, no matter the weather.

    Your Concrete Pathway Completed in 4 Easy Steps

    Initiate Contact

    Connect with us through a call or by submitting a quote form for your concrete pathways project.

    Personalised Consultation

    Engage in a discussion where we understand your concrete pathways needs and provide expert design advice.

    Precision Installation

    Our skilled team brings your vision for concrete pathways to life with attention to detail.

    Project Completion

    Revel in the transformation of your outdoor space, a testament to our commitment to excellence in crafting concrete pathways.

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    Concrete Pathways FAQs

    Do concrete pathways need to be sealed?

    While concrete pathways can function without sealing, applying a high-quality sealant every few years enhances their lifespan, prevents damage, and improves aesthetics. Sealing protects against discolouration, and provides continuity.

    How thick should a concrete walkway be?

    Concrete pathways should be at least 10.5 centimetres to support regular foot traffic and activities. A thicker slab ensures resistance to cracking and longevity with proper maintenance, lasting for decade.

    When should a concrete driveway be installed?

    Mild or warm weather is ideal for concrete installation. Avoid temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius for 30 days post-installation, and refrain from installing in extremely hot weather.

    How often should concrete pathways be maintained?

    Concrete should be cleaned annually in spring, ideally in September to November, to remove dirt, salt, and grime build-up. Optimal resealing time is during this cleaning. Reseal every 1 – 2 years based on wear and tear.

    Can we incorporate decorations and colour to concrete pathways?

    Yes, concrete offers various design options beyond the standard brownish-grey colour. Choose from different colours, patterns, textures, and borders to enhance the beauty of your pathway.

    concrete driveway Ipswich

    From Our Customers

    Really happy with my newly concreted pathways around the house, makes my property more functional, keeps things tidy and just looks much neater. Highly reccommend booking in your quote and job with this company.

    - Shane Osborne

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